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No-Cost Veterans Burial Guide and Will Kit

Serving Veterans and their families.

  • 1700 Veterans are passing away every day.
  • Most Families don’t know what they have.
  • Families don’t know about other insurance.
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Operating in the spirit of “No Veteran Left behind”! Pass it on!

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I am greatful for the education and they helped my family.

Jessie H Client - Texas

I enjoyed serving in the Army, and I am greatful a veteran was also able to help me with my life planning.

Amelia Client - Indiana

Workin with Justin was serendipitous.

Rich H. - Utah Client

Union Life recognizes Union Veterans Council for their work.

In the United States, veterans play a crucial role in defending our nation and upholding our values. However, after their service, many veterans face unique challenges as they transition back into civilian life. Recognizing the importance of supporting these brave individuals, Union Life is proud to highlight the commendable efforts of the Veterans Union Council of AFL-CIO. Through their unwavering dedication, this organization is making a significant difference in the lives of veterans across the country. In collaboration with this noble cause, Union Life is now offering Veterans Will Kits at no cost, aiming to provide valuable legal resources to veterans.

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